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We are here primarily, to provide exhibition space, entrepreneurial opportunity and education for local artists and the Gallery is run and staffed entirely by volunteers.


Membership  normally runs from February to December each year.


In 2024 the membership fee will be £30 for the year, which is still only approximately 62 pence a week for the privilege of having your work displayed to the general public for 9 months.

As a member you are entitled to exhibit 3 framed paintings, 5 browsers, 10 crafts and 20 cards.


We take 25% commission on any

of your work which sells. Your fee and any commission help collectively with running costs; mainly rent to Northumberland County Council, and public liability insurance. The rent is due to increase considerably, backdated to 2021

Joining Us

Each year, members remove their work on collection days and bring new work on submission days when they also rejoin the Gallery. New members are welcome on these days.


Missed our submission days and want to join?

Just email us to check which is the best day to arrive. Not joined before? Just read the Terms & Conditions of membership and bring your work on the day we suggest. We don't judge, if your presentation is professional it's what we want.

New Members

We do not judge your work but we do check the presentation. Mounts must be well cut and clean, frames must be unshipped and scratched, correctly strung and taped. Crafts must be fit for purpose and safe. If you are bringing paintings they should be ready to hang on the wall - you are bringing your work to exhibit and hopefully sell after all. If you are bringing crafts, think about how they will be presented. Most items will sit on a shelf or in a display case so jewellery should be in a box for example. If you can, visit the Gallery so you get a good idea of what our members do and what our standards are.

When your framed work sells we will telephone you to let you know. For crafts browsers and cards you can phone the Gallery during opening hours and ask the custodian volunteer on duty whether you have sold anything.

Please don't email about sales, the information is kept in the Gallery and is not on a computer.

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Get yourself known

How to get your work on this website



You can submit twenty cards


Framed Art

You can submit three items of framed art



You can submit ten craft items


Unframed Art

You can submit five items for the browser stands

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Terms & Conditions

Please read out full terms and conditions of membership

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