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Would you like to be a custodian?

The Gallery needs more people to serve - we call them Custodians; currently, we have almost 30 but ALWAYS need more as we open 7 days a week, folk move away etc. So, this is how it works.

In the Gallery is a blank Rota covering March 11th until just before Christmas, we open every day, 10.30 -4pm. Custodians sign up by going into the gallery or phoning during opening hours and signing up. All our days can be split into two except Sunday, which has only one shift, 1pm - 4 pm. Some do a full day, others do half days. Half days are 10.30 - 1.15, 1.15 - 4pm. It would be good if more of our members were custodians, and also anyone, especially locals, who would enjoy it.


Please note there are two staircases to climb to reach the gallery and the toilet is also down two flights of stairs. You need to be able to take down and wrap paintings etc and do the paperwork. The duties are not onerous: you are mainly there to sell. We do not take cash and the card machine is simple to operate. As we have the work of almost 150 artists, each sale has to be meticulously recorded and we have well-tried, simple methods. Tea, coffee & biscuits are provided and a small amount offered for travel//lunch. A detailed handbook is provided, and we like custodians to chat with visitors, as many do not realise we are a charity; it is unique in the UK, founded so that local artists could sell their work, our 50th anniversary is imminent.


The gallery is managed and run entirely by volunteers and the work is not selected, but the standard of craft is closely managed and the presentation of art work is professional. We ask new recruits to spend a portion of a morning and an afternoon session with an experienced custodian, to see what they think, It mustn’t be a chore, those who do it enjoy it! There will be a meeting early in March for all current custodians and for those interested where we will go through our procedures and answer any questions, the Rota for 2024 will be available as well as cake etc !

Any questions? please ask via this website.

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