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everything you submit should be of saleable quality & fit for purpose

Framed Art

All your own work?

All works must be original. We will not accept photographs, copies of other artists work or prints (other than original lino cuts, screen prints or mono prints) This includes embellished commercial prints. 

If you have used a photograph or image other than your own as a basis for your creation, then written permission from the photographer  or image maker must accompany your submission.

You are allowed 3 framed hanging items, up to 4 sq ft. Measure the height and width of your frame in inches, multiply them then divide by 144. eg 30" x  38"= 1,140"  divide by 144 = 7.91 sq ft

If you have a larger artwork, you can only exhibit one larger than 4 sq.ft. and one smaller.


Make sure framed paintings have frames and mounts that are clean and in excellent condition.

  • Tape on the back with brown tape.

  • Correctly strung with picture cord (available in the hardware shop in Rothbury)

  • Please use D rings

X Not wire or string.

X Not photo frames or clip frames.

You can submit unframed stretched canvas with clean well presented edges. The stretched canvas should be of good quality, wrapped round the frame and stapled at the back, not the sides. 

Tip - work to standard mount and frame sizes

Please price your work in whole pounds

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