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Once you have joined the Gallery, you are entitled to be in our list of artists on our website. We do get enquiries about pictures on the website but members rarely keep the website entries up to date. Therefore , from 2022 we are happy to display the type of work you do , ideally six  to eight images and to add a link to your own website or social media page.

Those of you who have prints available can send those images in, tiled and priced and in that case you can have more but smaller images displayed.


How to do it

  • Photograph your artwork BEFORE you have framed it under glass,

  • crop your photos neatly and change the file number to the title of your paintings. 

They are now ready to attach to an email.

Email to addressed to Elidh Gardiner


  •  - personal profile (or include this in the text of your email, just as easy)

  •  - attach jpeg files, no more more than 3 at a time if you have not managed to change your picture titles

This is not a petty rule, it makes it easier and quicker to get your work online.

We are willing to help with sales from any pictures or crafts you exhibit in your online gallery, (so titles really help) but please note, we will take the same 25% commission that you pay normally. You can e-mail us at

Members with website entries who do not join the gallery by the end of April 2023 will have their information removed. Again, not a petty rule, we only have a limited number of webpages and not enough for one each.

By the way, in non pandemic years, if you send work in the summer months, June, July and August it may be a few weeks before it gets online. I don't always find an anchorage with a mobile signal.... -

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