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 Becky and Ivor Davies

Becky and Ivor became artisans after careers that could not be more removed from what they are doing today. Becky worked for the NHS for 24 years as a clinical psychologist, working with children, young people and their families, before leaving in 2011.

In late 2013, Ivor retired after 30 years in the Police Service. Both wished to do something completely different, and set up their own craft businesses.

In 2012, Becky started to create fabric planters, each stage in their creation is by hand using florist sisal, hot fused Angelina fibres and other textiles to give them their bright and unique iridescent colours and character. The planters are produced either filled with plants or 'DIY', allowing people to choose their own favourite plant.

In late 2013, Ivor re-started his work with stained glass, producing tea-light holders, angels, flowers and other sun catchers.

In early 2014, Becky and Ivor extended their range by incorporating Becky's expertise in creating hot fused Angelina fibre images, using plant-dyed Northumberland wool and other iridescent materials, which are then encased in soldered glass by Ivor to create wish sticks, angels, hearts, coasters and other products.

Even over this short period, Becky and Ivor's designs have evolved greatly over the last year and will no doubt, continue to evolve further over the coming years by natural development, commissions and in response to customer requests.

Angelina landsape
Becky's Planters
Ivor's flowers
A selection of the Davies' craft
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