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 Sally Williams

I studied at Shrewsbury School of Art and painting has remained my interest and greatest pleasure. Before moving to Northumberland in 2015, I lived and worked in The Netherlands where I was able to continue my art with various teachers, as well as in the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague.

In 1997 I studied icon painting under Nikolai Mukhin in Russia and have continued to paint traditional icons since then. I have had commissions for icons from churches in The Netherlands, the USA, Brazil as well as the UK. As well as using egg tempera for the icons, I paint landscapes, still life, and portraits in oils and pastel. While living in The Netherlands, I received several commissions for portraits and had solo exhibitions.

Since settling in Alnwick, I have found inspiration in the Northumberland coast and countryside.

More pictures of my work can be found on my website:

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