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How to stay safe as a volunteer for the Gallery

Coquetdale Art Gallery RISK ASSESSMENT around Coronavirus(Covid19)

We have two automatic hand sanitiser dispensers and new signs directing visitors. There are 2 bottles of hand sanitiser on the desk and a screen to protect when using the card machine. The Studio is now a passing place to safely navigate the stairs and a waiting room so you can always be conformable with numbers in the Gallery...


Soap kills Coronavirus.

A quick non-wipe way to disinfect, is to use a fine soap spray like Kitchen spray or Antibacterial Spray.

Alternatively dilute Milton (bleach) can safely be sprayed from a kitchen spray bottle. All dry in around 5 minutes and no hand contact is required as in wiping.

A soapy cloth can be used for the handrail and other surfaces that won’t be damaged by water.

The phone and card reader should be cleaned with wipes to minimise liquid. Hand sanitiser in the Gallery is 70% alcohol. There is also some Dettol aerosol spray for fabrics and paper. As with all sprays, leave 5 minutes before handling after spraying.

Wearing a mask is a personal choice, there is enough space in the Gallery to socially distance at 2m. There is a safety screen for use with the card reader. Visors will also be provided. Customers are asked to wear a face covering when entering the Gallery and there are signs.

ACTIVITY - Custodian collecting keys, entering Gallery, touching desk and drawers

Wash hands in the Studio before collecting the Gallery keys. You will have touched the key box and the outside keys. Spray the keys with dilute Milton /kitchen spray so they are clean for closing time.

Spray door handles that have been touched with dilute Milton/kitchen spray when putting sign out (and sign) This will make them clean for the next custodian.

Wipe down desk, drawer handles, and telephone with wipes or a soapy cloth (not too wet)

ACTIVITY - Custodian closing the Gallery

Wipe down surfaces you have touched with wipes or soapy cloth, spray keys with Milton, put in drawer. Wash hands. All other surfaces should be clean from the morning. Put keys in black key box and lock the box, turn knob to left to scramble numbers. Use personal hand sanitiser/hand wipes. The next person to touch the box is going to wash their hands as soon as they get into the Gallery.

ACTIVITY walking up the stairs using the handrail

The handrail should be wiped with a soapy cloth morning and afternoon to minimise surface contamination. Use a paper towel to quickly dry; then wash hands. Hand gel is provided at the bottom of the hand rail for customer use.

ACTIVITY - serving customers, wrapping goods,

You as a Custodian only need to wrap pictures soothes is a low risk. Use hand sanitiser before wrapping. Ask the customer to step away while you walk round desk to get the wrapping materials. Removing labels - well the Virus probably lasts 24 hours on paper and card so next day labels should be clear of virus, and the day book safe to use. make sure you always have clean hands to remove labels and stick them in the book.

Customer should have clean hands on entering the Gallery using the hand sanitiser provided so can browse cards and crafts. If in doubt, invite them the use the gallery dispenser.

Handling card machine and money

Use card or contactless only. There is no minimum spend. Contactless limit is now £45 Cash transactions not allowed.

Clean the card reader between customers with a wipe, although both the customer and custodian should have clean hands. There is a plastic screen to pass card reader through and ask customer to step back

Making tea or coffee

Wash cup and tea spoon in soap/detergent before and after use OR Bring own flask and cup.

Using the W.C.

The door down to the toilet is marked Staff Only and should be kept locked.

This facility is shared with Library staff. Wash your hands/sanitise before entering from the Gallery and wash hands before leaving. Wipes and Milton spray are provided downstairs for extra protection.

Customers talking to custodian

Maintain the social distancing limit of 2m. Keep conversations polite but to a minimum. Open windows in Gallery and in studio to provide airflow. (There is a thermometer to help measure temperature in the Gallery.)

Too many customers at one time

As guidance, three couples browsing would fit in the Gallery and comfortably socially distance. Six single people would take a lot more space. We are not announcing a numbers limit to visitors, each custodian makes the decision about what a comfortable limit is.

The Studio is to be used as a waiting area if too many people arrive. The door to the studio should be open so it can be used as a passing place on the stairs, and so the studio exhibition can be seen

Members arriving with submissions

Submissions are now appointment only, 10 - 10.30, before opening time for visitors. Use the studio to unpack rather than contaminate the desk, members should sanitise hands.

Members arriving to withdraw work - Appointment only, 10 - 10.30 before opening time. Wash hands in studio, collect work, hand labels to custodian, who then checks paperwork and cleans hands.

Members withdrawing work and submitting at the same time. - Appointment only, 10 - 10.30 before opening time. One action at a time. Members should leave work in the studio while organising their withdrawals. Members should then do the paperwork for their submissions, or get out pre filled in subs for crafts or cards

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