June Roddam

June writes  “My work stems from a need to create; to make something from clay that has its roots in the earth. I take inspiration for my designs from my love of nature and the ever changing colours of the seasons on the landscape. The surface texture and colours on trees and leaves are a constant source of inspiration. 


Having gained a Foundation Degree in Ceramics at Newcastle College in 2010 and a Fine Art Foundation Degree at Tyne Metropolitan Collage in 2005 I have since leaving college been concentrating on making and selling my ceramics.


To make my work, I hand build my ceramics using the slabs and coils method after firing to biscuit 1000C a lava glaze is applied on the surface then firing in a wood kiln to 1300 C.

I also make hand thrown work on the potter’s wheel which is then biscuit fired to1000c then glazed with a stoneware glaze and fired to 1260C.”




Shallow bowls 2
Ceramics 1
High bowl 1
Planter 1
Planter 2
Shallow bowl 1