Susan Lonergan







When I was a young child I was given a set of colouring pencils for Christmas.  The sort made up of two colours, one at each end.  I can recall the pleasure I had from looking at those colour combinations.  I can remember that the turquoise was paired with the mauve, and the lime green with the maroon.  Unfortunately for me, I didn’t go on to draw and paint everyday.  Like many others I let everyday life dictate my path.  But my love of colour and mark making was still there waiting for me to recognise its importance.  Since retiring I have started to reconnect with that feeling.  Painting and drawing makes you focus intensely and leads to a different kind of looking which I find immensely rewarding.  I enjoy the movement and energy different brush marks can create on the canvas and the surprises that happen when you place one colour next to another.  

By inviting the viewer to retrace my journey on the canvas I hope you might share some of the pleasure I have had in making the picture.

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